• Calm dining hall using antique bricks.
    Please feel gentle sunlight and pleasant winds at a conservatory.
    Enjoy with your dogs surrounding by nature green at a terrace.
    Have a great time with original meals.
    Pasta with the best season ingredients and popular parmesan cheese risotto.
    Savor chef's special meals and German skilled beer which is
    made from Mt.Fuji water.
    Sylvans serves all the superfine delicacies.
  • Genuine German style beer, named 'Fujizakura Heights Beer'. Our brewers learned at 'Doemens brewing vocational school' in Germany, which has produced many great brewers since more than a century.
    Our brewers make original flavorful beer with their advanced skills, sensitivity, and more enthusiasm. Please have a good time with our distinctive beer at Sylvans.

Sylvans Garden

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  • Sylvans Garden02
  • Sylvans Garden03

There are colorful flowers each season in Sylvans garden. It is for your harmonious time.

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Sylvans Floor

  • Sylvans Floor01
  • Sylvans Floor02
  • Sylvans Floor03

We prepare variety 200 seats for guests. 8 meters high wellhole style dining hall, conservatory and outside terrace, where guest can bring their dogs.

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